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You want to be able to deliver value frequently, learn from feedback, and then deliver changes that delight customers. Whether you have a passion for people and bringing out the best in your team or your heart is with the product and guiding it through the process, we have certifications that will meet your needs.

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Tools to Help You Get the Job

The job search doesn't need to be a daunting task. We've compiled resources to help you along every step of the way, from writing your resume, to acing the interview to snapping the perfect profile picture for LinkedIn.

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Agile and Scrum Resources

Dive deeper into agile and scrum knowledge with exclusive access to the 2022 State of Agile Coaching Report and the Agile Business Report. Hear from thought leaders in the agile space about what's coming next.

  • 2022 State of Agile Coaching Report
  • Agile Business Report 2022
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A Deeper Dive Into the State of Agile Coaching Report 2022


Top-Down Agility: Tips for Coaches to Help Business Leaders in Agile Transformations

David Hawks

When coaching an organization through an agile transformation, some of the largest challenges comes from resistance from leadership and difficulty changing mindset. Agile coach David Hawks explores how coaches can overcome these challenges. 

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5 Effective Strategies to Encourage Agile Mindset Shift in Organizations (And 3 That Don't Work)

Bent Myllerup

Changing the culture and the mindset of an organization is no small task and yet it is one that most agile coaches face regularly throughout their career. Bent Myllerup provides 5 strategies to move the needle on agile mindset shift in an organization.

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You Might Know Agile, But Do You Know How to Coach?

Jesse Fewell

When looking at at an organization's agile journey, it can be easy to identify their internal impediments. But Certified Enterprise Coach Jesse Fewell wants coaches to take a look at themselves and find areas where they can grow as coaches.


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How Can You Tell if an Agile Coach is Effective

Kemmy Raji and Howard Sublett

The 2022 State of Agile Coaching Report focuses on one question: “How do agile coaches (and the organizations they serve) measure impact?” Hear from a Certified Enterprise Coach and a CEO on how they work to gauge the effectiveness of agile coaching.

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